Thursday, May 30, 2013

About autorun file on removable medias

Whenever one insert any media like CD in his computer, it senses the new CD and looks for a file in root of CD called autorun.inf. This is the first file gets excuted on insertion of any CD. It contains the command to be run for autoplay, and the icon to be shown while veiwing on file explorer.

It's a plain text file, which can be edited using any text editor, like notepad. It basically contains key=value pair for commands. Sample of autorun.inf file:


some other commands which can be written on autorun.inf file

This setup.exe and setup.ico should be on root directory of CD.
To test the autorun created by you, refer to Disabling autorun autoplay, to enable autorun for any particular type of drive, for example you can enable for FIXED drives and then test on your C/D/E drives.

For more information on creation of autorun file please refer to wiki page.

Using android adb shell

To excute shell command using your pc, connect device to your system, and give command as "adb devices", to check whether device is connected properly or not.
Now you can excute "adb shell" command to access shell of your device.

All available shell commands for Android phones can be checked using below command:
adb shell ls /system/bin

rm : It's similar to rm command of Unix to remove files and directories.
rmdir : rmdir(rd) command removes an empty directoryon Unix, windows, DOS systems

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Computer books in hindi

There are very few articles in hindi on Computer technology. If you are not good in English and want to learn computer, then this article is for you.

Download below books as PDF and learn computer in Hindi.

कंप्यूटर टेक्नोलॉजी के बारे में हिंदी में आजकल बहुत ही कम लेख उपलब्ध है। यदि आप अंग्रेजी भाषा में आरामदायक महसूस नहीं करते और कंप्यूटर टेक्नोलॉजी को हिंदी में सीखना चाहते है तो ये लेख आपके लिए है। 

यहाँ दी गई पुश्ताको को आप .pdf फॉर्मेट में डाउनलोड करके कभी भी अध्यन कर सकते है। उम्मीद करता हू यह लेख आपके कम आयेगा। 

Computer Science(Programming in C++, computer introduction, data structure)
Computer Science-1 Index
Computer Science-1 Chapters
Computer Science-2 Index
Computer Scinece-2 Chapters

Information Practices : Book for studying security, programming, and DBMS(mySQL)
Informatics Practices-1 Index
Informatics Practices-1 Chapters
Information Practices-2 Index
Information Practices-2 Chapters

Multimedia and Web Technology (Animation and HTML)
Multimedia and Web Technology-1 Index
Multimedia and Web Technology-1 Chapters

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some important adb commands for android debugging

adb root       - To get root access on device, this will provide full permission to user
adb remount - Remounts /system partition on the device
adb push      - To push any file, into device file system.
e.g. adb push <local system path>\<filename> <path on device>/<filename>
adb pull:  To pull out file form the device
e.g. adb pull <path on device>/<filename> <local system path>\<filename>
adb shell       - To enter into device's command prompt, and to execute shell command for device.
adb install     - To install any apk file( application file)
 e.g adb install mytest.apk
adb uninstall  - To remove application
adb version   - To know the adb tool version
adb devices   - list of devices connected to adb
adb get-serialno - Prints serial number
adb start-server - Starts ADB server
adb kill-server   - Stops ADB deamon server
adb logcat         - Collects device Log